David Harrison D.O., M.R.O.,


Treatments available with David Harrison

  • Osteopathy
  • CanioSacral Therapy
  • Therapeutic Imagary and Dialogue
  • Somato Emotional Release

    Principles & Practice

    A detailed case history is taken at the first visit to determine that it is safe to treat you, and that you are likely to benefit from the treatment. If not, you will be refered to whomever I feel would better be able to help you.

    Adults would usually then be examined in standing, sitting and lieing-down positions, and through various active and passive movements, to determine how the body is being used. Orthopeadic and neurological tests will be performed when indicated.

    Babies and smaller children are usually examined and treated either on their parent's or my own lap, or on the couch, and frequently fall asleep during the session.

    Sessions with more active todlers and pre-schoolers are often, of necessity, more mobile and frequently end up on the carpeted floor amoungst piles of toys from our well stocked toybox!

    Using my hands the body is gently "listened-to" at various, respectful, positions.

    Once a diagnosis has been made, which is rarely a label, but most often a comentary of what is happening to, and how you are using your, whole body, a treatment plan is devised and commenced at the first visit. This session usually lasts an hour, with follow up sessions lasting anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes. However the length of a treatment is determined by what your body needs, and can accomodate. If that is 15 minutes, that is what you will get. If it's 90 minutes, the day's schedule goes out the window, but we will accomodate your needs, as determined by the signals your body gives me!

    The depth of touch used in a treatment session varies between one so light it is almost inperceptable, to a more energetic, permeating contact, but always with feedback from and respect for the patient. The number of sessions required usually varies between one, and half a dozen, depending on the severity, longevity and adaptability of your condition. However my aim is for you to be responsible for your own health and well being by giving you exercises, dietary and other advice. Some patients are advised to return 3 / 6 / or 12 mothly for their "10,000 mile service" but for the majority my aim is to discharge you as quickly as possible, equiped to maintain for yourself your improved state of health.

    Finally, and most importantly, I believe treatment should, if at all possible be fun, for children and adults. Laughter IS the best medicine, so do come and let your hair down!


    David was fantastic with Monty my (then) 4 month old. He was breech for most of my pregnancy and was born as a transverse breech by c-section. His head was very swashed after sitting under my ribs for months and looking down on his head from the top his skull wasn't equal. One ear and side of his brow was obviously further forward than the other. David worked on him for a number of sessions - after which he was a different baby. More active, fluid in his movements and generally happier. He was also much more symmetrical. I could not recommend David and his practice highly enough. A consummate professional and Monty loved him!! A big thank you. Naomi

    This is the best Osteopathic treatment in Southern England! I have been a patient of David Harrison for many years and highly recommend treatment. Cranio Sacral Therapy has made such a difference to fine tuning the physiological dysfunctions and Osteopathy keeps the rest in check; a wonderful combination for holistic health and maintenance. Gill F.

    Fantastic! Louie is truly a different baby, I am able to write this as he is content and asleep beside me. Previous to any treatment meant 3-4 hours of screaming every night. Thank you David! I will spread the word!

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